Rest In Peace, Charlie Trotter.

"live fast, die young, leave a wonderful memory"

Tue, 05 Nov - Comment »

You All Know Where You Read It First

So, I guess you know you're bang on trend when wine guru Eric Asimov of the New York Times agrees with you. I am, of course, speaking of my solid defense of the wine menu. If you haven't read his blog post at The Pour, you can find it here.My position has been that pairings are not the way to go on a tasting menu: too expensive and too passive. But my curmudgeonly stance has chan...
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Fri, 01 Nov - Comment »

Bye Bye Wine List? Says Who?

I inhabit two very different worlds. As a scientist I work with objective facts, and the unbiased interpretation of results of repeated experimentation. Nothing could be farther from the restaurant world, where sometimes the only fact left standing after a heated discussion is that you and I have different opinions. The subjectivity of taste is part of what makes the job so very exciting...
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Wed, 23 Oct - Comment »

Forces Combined (such As In Espresso And Gelato)

Victoria and I traveled to Valpolicella last weekend with one of our importers. We had an amazing time  touring vineyards and sampling wines. For me, it was amazing to travel with Vicky, not only because she's one of my closest friends and co-workers, but also because she's trained as a chef before becoming a wine waiter. Some of you may remember my last trip of this kind wh...
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Thu, 17 Oct - Comment »


There has been silence here for a bit. It's not because I haven't been working at the restaurant, but rather  because almost all my creative energy has been spent writing my doctoral thesis. But now, as of Friday afternoon, I'm a Ph.D. All the restaurant was invited to my thesis defense and, of course, we celebrated at Bloom. Pictured is the absolutely epic cake made by ...
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Sun, 29 Sep - Comment »


Well, we can't exactly pretend we couldn't see it coming.When the pope resigned we tried to convince Igi that he should run for the spot. He refused, which struck us all as a bit strange (I mean, wearing that funny hat and preaching to the converted - who does it better than Igi?).Now we know why. The new pope is a Jesuit. For those of you who do not know, the Jesuits swear obedi...
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Fri, 15 Mar - Comment »

Crossing Our Fingers And Holding Our Thumbs...

...knocking on wood and all other manner of supposed luck-bringing activities are happening at Pildammsvägen 17 today, as we're hoping to take home Årets Vinupplevelse at the White Guide Gala tonight! So, if you have a good lucky charm, hold on tight tonight!

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This blogg (restauranghyfs) is not going to change the world.It would be lovely if it did, as it would reduce the number of hours per week we spend trying to explain to patrons why we can't serve pasta bolognese.But it's not going to change the world.The reason for that is that I'm reading it and laughing. Our customers (if they ever get so far as clicking the link) will read...
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Tue, 26 Feb - Comment »

Where The World Turns On The Stile Of A Dinner

So, Chateau D'Yquem is not making a 2012 vintage. After the wine failed a post-harvest taste test, it was decided to pull the plug.A brand like D'Yquem can't afford to bottle sub-par wines, and although I'm sure that in the short term, scrapping a year's harvest will smart, I can see that it is definitely the right call to make.I'm taking a number of business cour...
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Thu, 21 Feb - Comment »

Afternoon Tea

We're still open for Afternoon tea on Sundays - and above is just a teaser of our new version of the classics! Book up now - you know you want to!

Mon, 17 Dec - Comment »

Mon, 10 Dec - Comment »

I'd Move In

Save the best for last, eh?

Sat, 08 Dec - Comment »

Someone's Birthday

....guess who!Igi turned 20-something today (he says he can't even spell O-L-D) so we of course celebrated in style with a jam packed restaurant. So jam packed that yours truly was brought out of Friday-night service-retirement. (I found it to be just as awesome as I remembered. I might make it a standing appointment now that my dissertation is looming... they say hobbies are a good ...
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Sat, 08 Dec - Comment »

Yule Tide - Of Horrible Alcoholic Drinks

I'm not the biggest fan of glögg or Glühwein. It's a bit too sweet for my taste, but I do love the smell of it. All those pungent spices put me in a very nostalgic Christmassy place, but drinking half a pound of sugar is just not my cup of hot beverage. So imagine my happiness at finding something which will finally feed my spice-and-alcohol fix. The spirit of Hven winter schna...
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Tue, 04 Dec - Comment »

Who Said We're Not Traditional?

(We're not - we have chef-architects. But we love Christmas spirit!)

Tue, 04 Dec - Comment »

You Know What They Say: When You've Had Too Much Of A Good Thing... Have Some More.

(I happen to adore Gawker and their take on food and wine writing. Just check out their take on orange pie)

Tue, 04 Dec - Comment »

Heston Blumenthal Unveils New Use For A Tampon

... and all I have to say is that there are lines that just should not be crossed.

Mon, 19 Nov - Comment »

Why Most Wine Writing Is Useless

Do you know the feeling of annoyance when you open a newspaper or a magazine and come across a nice article with vaguely useless information? I hadn't really given much thought to why most wine writing (the most common being specific recommendations or pairing suggestions) irritates me. I guess I'd found it to not be an uncommon feeling among my colleagues, so I left it at that. ...
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Mon, 19 Nov - Comment »
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